Rwanda new 500- and 1,000-franc notes (B141a, B142a) confirmed introduced 11.02.2019

According to a press release dated 7 February 2019, these notes have new security features and better quality to reduce wear. The design of the front of the 500-franc note is entirely new, and the overall color has been changed to brown to help distinguish it from the 1,000-franc note.



Courtesy of Andrew Roberts and Numisnota (

Rwanda new 1,000-franc note (B140) confirmed

According to the Official Gazette n° Special of 16/10/2015, the National Bank of Rwanda was authorized to issue a new 1,000-franc note (B140) on 15 October 2015. It's like the preceding issues, but the security features have been strengthened and French has been removed from these notes. Now all text is in Kinyarwanda on the front, and English on the back.

B140 (PNL): 1,000 francs (US$1.40)
Blue, green, and orange. Front: Green-to-blue flying dove SPARK Orbital patch; National Museum of Rwanda buildings in Butare. Back: Golden monkey in Volcanoes National Park. Red-to-green windowed security thread with demetalized BNR1000. Watermark: Coat of arms and electrotype BNR. Printer: Unknown. 140 x 72 mm.
a. 01.05.2015. Signature 24. Prefix AA - BV. Intro: 15.10.2015.

Courtesy of Murtaza Karimjee (

Rwanda new 2,000- and 5,000-franc notes confirmed



According to a press release dated 3 December 2014, the National Bank of Rwanda will issue new 2,000- and 5,000-franc notes as soon as the presidential decree is officially gazetted. The designs remain the same as the current notes (BNR B35 and B36), but the security features have been strengthened, and French has been removed from these notes. Now all text is in Kinyarwanda on the front, and English on the back.

UPDATE: The presidential decree was officially gazetted 16 December 2014.

Courtesy of Themanfromkigali.

Rwanda new 500-franc note confirmed

BNR B37 (PNL): 500 francs (US$0.80)
Dark blue and gray. Front: Three cows. Back: Four young students with XO computers (from One Laptop Per Child). Windowed security thread with demetalized BNR500. Watermark: Coat of arms and electrotype BNR. Printer: Unknown. 135 x 72 mm.
a. 01.01.2013. Signature 23. Intro 24.09.2013.

Courtesy of Antje Maroussi, Ricardo Castedo, Claudio Marana, and Charles Stanikowski.

Rwanda new 500-, 1,000-, and 5,000-franc varieties confirmed

At some point during the issuance of the notes dated 1998 (BNR B25-B27), the font used for printing the upper left serial numbers changed from wide to narrow (see below).


Courtesy of Sergey Vostrikov and Alexander Petrov.

Rwanda new 500-franc note approved for issuance by end of 2013

According to an AllAfrica article dated 14 May 2013, the cabinet approved a presidential order to issue a new 500-franc note by the end of 2013, with three exotic cows on the front reflecting the government’s efforts to eradicate malnutrition, and four students working with computers on the back reflecting education and technology.

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East African Community moves to introduce common currency in 2012

An East African Business Week article dated 14 February 2011, contains interesting information on the continuing plans to form an East African Community Monetary Union similar to the European Union, wherein all the partner states will replace their individual currencies—the Burundian franc, Kenyan shilling, Rwandan franc, Tanzanian shilling, and Ugandan shilling—for a single regional currency in 2012.

Courtesy of Aidan Work.

Rwanda new 5,000-franc note confirmed

5,000 francs (US$8.75), 01-02-2009. Like Pick 33, but new date, bank name and signature titles in Kinyarwanda, new registration device, and new color (yellow) at front center.

Courtesy of Richard Miranda and Rui Manuel Palhares.

Rwanda's 100-franc note to cease being legal tender

According to an article in The New Times dated March 6, 2009, the National Bank of Rwanda (BNR) has announced that the 100-franc note (US$0.20) will cease to be legal tender starting December 31, 2009. The notes may be exchanged for other notes and coins. BNR Governor Francois Kanimba said that the 100-franc notes currently in circulation are very old (they were first introduced in 2003) and that the central bank has stopped issuing them to the public.

Rwanda new date (01.02.2008) 1,000-franc note confirmed

1,000 francs (US$1.80), 01.02.2008. Like P31, but new date and new bank name on front.

Courtesy of

Rwanda issues first-ever 2,000-franc note

2,000 francs (US$3.70), 31-10-2007. Issued mid-December 2007. Violet. Satellite dish and tower on front. Coffee beans on back. Holographic stripe at left, BNR as electrotype watermark and latent image, 2000 as registration device, fluorescent fibers, microtext, windowed security thread with 2000 repeating, signatures (Francois Kanimba, Governor; unknown, Vice Governor). Printer: De La Rue.142 x 72 mm.

Courtesy of Evzen Sknouril.

Rwanda new 5,000-franc note confirmed

5,000 francs (US$9.15), 01-04-2004. Purple, violet, and pink. Gorilla, holographic stripe, latent image, electrotype BNR and bank logo as wmk, 5000 as registration device and in OVI, signatures (unknown, Visi-Guverineri wa mbere; unknown, Guverineri). Containers and windowed security thread on back.146 x 73 mm.

Courtesy of Menelaos Stamatelos, Southeastern Numismatics.

Rwanda revised 100-franc note (01-09-2003) confirmed

100 francs (US$0.20), 01-09-2003. Like Pick 29, but new date, date at front lower left, and bank name, counterfeiting warning, and denomination in English in addition to French.

Courtesy of David F. Cieniewicz (