Argentina new 100-peso note reportedly introduced 19.12.2018

According to a press release, the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina has introduced the new 100-peso note on 19 December 2018, thereby completing the new family.

Argentina new signature suffix F 20-peso note confirmed

Like P355, but new signatures (Federico Sturzenegger and Gabriela Michetti). Suffix F.

Courtesy of Wally Myers.

Argentina new 50-peso note confirmed introduced 16.08.2018

According to a press release dated 15 August 2018, the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina introduced a new 50-peso note on 16 August 2018.

Courtesy of Mauricio Acosta and Kevin Klauss.

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Argentina new 1,000-peso note reportedly introduced 01.12.2017

According to a press release, on 1 December 2017 the Central Bank of Argentina introduced a new 1,000-peso note. This is the fourth denomination issued in a new family; only the 50- and 100-peso notes remain to be introduced.


Courtesy of Cleo Has.

Argentina new 20-peso note confirmed

Red. Front (vertical): Spanish text; flower petal as registration device; guanaco; flowers; silhouette of kneeling guanaco with latent image RA. Back: Spanish text; flowers; baby guanaco; lake and clouds over Patagonian steppe; map of Argentine Sea, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands; flower petal; compass rose; coat of arms. Color-shifting windowed security thread with demetalized 20. Watermark: Guanaco and electrotype 20. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signature unknown. Suffix A. Intro: 03.10.2017.

Courtesy of Rok Jarc and Dennis Zammit.

Argentina new signature 100-peso note confirmed

Like P358c, but new signatures. Suffix GA.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana.

Argentina new note designs unveiled for 2017 introduction

According to a Dia a Dia article dated 17 December 2016, these are the designs for the denominations the Banco Central de la Republica Argentina intends to introduce in 2017 to complete the new family of notes begun with the introduction in 2016 with 200- and 500-peso notes.


Courtesy of Alberto Manuel.

Argentina new 200-peso note confirmed introduced 26.10.2016

According to a press release, the Banco Central de la República Argentina introduced a new 200-peso note on 26 October 2016. The cotton paper note depicts a Southern Right Whale and is the second in a new family of notes.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (Banknote-Online) and Cleo Phas.

Argentina new signature 5-peso note confirmed

Like P353, but new signature. Suffix J.

Courtesy of Wally Myers.

Argentina new 500-peso note confirmed

According to a press release dated 29 June 2016, on 30 June the Banco Central de la República Argentina introduced a new 500-peso note, the first in a new series of banknotes featuring the native fauna of various regions of the country. This new note will circulate in parallel with existing notes.

500 pesos
Green. Front (vertical): Leaves; paw print as registration device; jaguar; flowers; silhouette of jaguar with latent image RA; denomination in green-to-blue SPARK. Back: Paw prints; jaguar cub and adult in stream running through forest; map of Argentina with Northeast region highlighted; compass rose; flowers; coat of arms. Green-to-blue windowed security thread with demetalized $500 BCRA. Watermark: Jaguar and electrotype 500. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signature Federico Sturzenegger and Gabriela Michetti. Suffix A. Intro: 30.06.2016.
Replacement notes: Prefix R.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas and Nick Chiu.

Argentina new 20-peso note reported

The above design is similar to recently released denominations, but it is unclear if this 20-peso note will ever be introduced into circulation.

Courtesy of Dennis Zammit and Lawrence Honaker.

Argentina new 100-peso note confirmed

Like P358, but with diagonal lines at right/left front, new signatures, and new imprint at lower center back. Suffix AA.

Courtesy of Alex Zlotin.

Argentina new 10-peso note confirmed

Brown, green, blue, and purple. Front: Sunburst as registration device; green-to-blue OVI flower; leaves on branches; OVI patch of solider with raised flag on horseback; Manuel Belgrano in military uniform; OVI patch of Pedrito Ríos, drummer boy of Tacuarí. Back: Juana Azurduy de Padilla and Manuel Belgrano on horseback with swords raised to new flag on 27 February 1812 along Paraná River; coat of arms; sunburst. Solid security thread with demetalized $10 BCRA. Watermark: Manuel Belgrano and electrotype MB. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signature Alejandro Vanoli and unknown. Suffix A. Intro: 04.04.2016.

Courtesy of Dennis Zammit and Lawrence Honaker.

Argentina unveils designs of 200- and 500-peso notes to be issued mid-2016



According to a press release dated 15 January 2016, the Banco Central de la República Argentina intends to introduce a new family of notes, beginning with 200- and 500-peso notes in mid-2016, followed in 2017 by 20-, 50-, 100-, and 1,000-peso notes in 2017. All the denominations will feature Argentine wildlife, with a different native animal on front and the characteristic haibitat for the species on the back as follows, but to date, only the 200- and 500-peso note designs have been unveiled.

  • 20 pesos: Guanaco, Patagonian steppe
  • 50 pesos: Condor, Andean Region
  • 100 pesos: Taruca, Northwest Region
  • 200 pesos: Southern right whale, Argentine Sea, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands
  • 500 pesos: Jaguar, Northeast region
  • 1,000 pesos: Rufous hornero (national bird), Central region

Courtesy of Cleo Phas and Alex Zlotin.

Argentina new 5-peso note confirmed introduced 01.10.2015

(PNL): 5 pesos (US$1)
Green, light blue, violet, and yellow. Front: Handshake as registration device; sunburst symbolizing Orden del Libertador (Order of the Liberator); branch with flowers; OVI patch of statue; José de San Martín in military uniform; OVI patch of standing soldier with boots, sword, and helmet. Back: José Artigas, Simón Bolívar, José de San Martín, and Bernardo O’Higgins; flags, flames, and presidential seal; coat of arms; handshake. No security thread. Watermark: José de San Martín and electrotype JSM. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signature Alejandro Vanoli and unknown. Suffix A. Intro: 01.10.2015.

Press release in Spanish.

Courtesy of Alexander Petrov.

Argentina new 100-peso note unveiled

According to an article on dated 26 March 2015, Argentina's president, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, unveiled a new 100-peso note to commemorate the mothers of those "disappeared" by the military in the Dirty War in 1976. It's unclear when the new note will enter circulation.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas.

Argentina new 50-peso note confirmed

The Banco Central de la República Argentina has issued a 50-peso note in tribute to the defense of national sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands (Falklands), South Georgia, and South Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces.

PNL: 50 pesos (US$10)
Blue, green, pink, and yellow. Front: Lighthouse as registration device; sun gold-to-green SPARK patch with denomination; plants; bird; maps of Malvinas Islands and South America. Back: Antonio “El Gaucho” Rivero holding Argentine flag atop rearing horse; Darwin Cemetery with crosses and flowers; modern warship, ARA General Belgrano; coat of arms; lighthouse. Holographic windowed security thread with demetalized BCRA $50 and Malvinas Islands. Watermark: Malvinas Islands and electrotype IM. Printer: S.E. CASA DE MONEDA. 155 x 65 mm.
a. No date. Signatures: Alejandro Vanoli and Dominguez. Suffix A. Intro: March 2015.

Courtesy of David Murcek (The Monetary Unit), Lawrence Honaker, and Laszló Juhász.

Argentina new signature 100-peso note confirmed

100 pesos, no date. Like P358b, but new signature for PRESIDENTE B.C.R.A (Juan Carlos Fábrega; 18.11.2013 - 01.10.2014) and unknown at right.

Courtesy of Claudio Marana and Peter Mosselberger.

Argentina new 10-peso note reported

According to an article in InfoRegión, the Banco Central de República Argentina has unveiled a new 10-peso note featuring a revised portrait of general Manuel Belgrano in military uniform.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas.

Argentina new 50-peso Falklands commemorative note reported


According to a BBC article dated 3 April 2014, Argentina "launched" (it's unclear if it was merely unveiled or actually introduced into circulation) a new 50-peso note commemorating the 32nd anniversary of the invasion of the archipelago known as the Falklands to Britian and the Islas Malvinas to Argentina.

Additional information and images are requested so that this report can be confirmed.

Courtesy of Cleo Phas, Aidan Work, and Christof Zellweger.

Argentina new sig 5- and 20-peso notes confirmed

5 pesos, no date. Like P353 but new signatures (Mercedes Marcó del Pont and unknown) and suffix H.

20 pesos, no date. Like P355 but new signatures (Mercedes Marcó del Pont and unknown) and suffix E.

Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer.

Argentina new sig 50-peso note confirmed

50 pesos, no date. Like P356, but new signatures (Mercedes Marcó del Pont and Dominguez). Suffix G.

Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer.

Argentina new series B 100-peso note confirmed




On 21 September 2012, the Banco Central de la República Argentina began issuing 20 million commemorative 100-peso (US$22) notes bearing the face of Eva "Evita" Perón to mark the 60th anniversary of her death. These first issues have serial number suffix A.

Recently the bank has begun issuing suffix B notes which are similar, but have several significant differences.

  • The outlined red flowers have been moved right, from underneath the green SPARK patch.
  • The tree branches and leaves have been redrawn.
  • The watermark is larger and the electrotype initials moved from left to right of the portrait.

  • The vignette at left has been reengraved to reveal much more detail.
  • The vertical denomination numerals have shifted from center left to upper left.

Courtesy of Hartmut Fraunhoffer (

Argentina's 100-peso "Evita" note wins Latin American Banknote of the Year 2013

The organizers of the Latin American High Security Printing (HSP) Conference are delighted to announce at the Conference in Bogota, Colombia today, that the inaugural award of Latin American Banknote of the Year 2013 was presented to Senora Katya Daura, President of S.E. Casa de Moneda, Argentina for the 100 Pesos Eva Perón note.

The Argentinean 100 Pesos banknote was issued in 2012 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the death of former first lady Eva Perón. The banknote was designed by Roger Pfund based on the earlier work of Renato Garrasi and produced by S.E. Casa de Moneda.

The Latin American banknote award, introduced by HSP, aims at recognising banknote design developments and achievements in the fast-evolving Latin American region. The Award Committee comprises the Board of Directors of HSP organising company Reconnaissance International Ltd, and the editorial representatives of Currency News, the periodical dedicated to the global currency industry.

The selection criteria are based on design visibility, banknote functionalities, security sophistication as well as thematic relevance.

Commenting on the Award Committee’s decision, Martyn White, Chairman of Reconnaissance International, remarked on the note’s bright-coloured appeal, the ‘world-class’ intaglio portrait of Eva Perón, the integrative use of security elements as well as the rich heritage perceived through the banknote and readily identified by the population.

Background: Evita Note Finally Sees the Light of Day

In July 2012, the Central Bank of Argentina issued a 100 Peso commemorative note bearing the image of the former first lady, Eva ‘Evita’ Peron to mark the 60th anniversary of her death.

After the death of Eva Peron in 1952 both the Central Bank and the banknote printer, SE Casa de Moneda (CMA), started work immediately, the idea being to replace the Liberty Effigy in the existing 5 Peso with a portrait of Eva, but this idea was rejected by the authorities. It was then that CMA artist Renato Garrasi created a new sepia-tinted design that had Eva’s portrait on one side, with the intention of paying homage to her extensive social work for the poor.

However, in 1955 the President was ousted in a military coup, and the subsequent regime set about eliminating all signs of Peronism, including the destruction of any images associated with Juan and Eva Peron. To avoid the loss of the banknote designs, a CMA employee hid them, and they remained hidden, and forgotten, for the next five and a half decades.

It was only in 2006 – with the removal of furniture as part of a refurbishment of the design department – that the original sepia-tinted artwork, hand-painted by Garrasi, came to light. It was this artwork that provided the inspiration for the new note and, after extensive research undertaken by personnel from CDM, the concept for the 21st century version was presented in 2012. It was unveiled to the nation in July 2012 by HE President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, one day before the 60th anniversary of Eva Perón’s death, and was issued two months later, in September.

The brightly-coloured commemorative note features intaglio printing, a watermark, an optically variable feature and a thread, and was created by the Swiss banknote designer Roger Pfund together with designers from CMA. The portrait was engraved by Sergio Pilosio, an Argentinan citizen living in Switzerland. It is the first time a new design has been introduced in Argentina for 20 years, and the first Argentinean banknote to feature a woman.

Although designed as a commemorative banknote, in January 2013 President Kirchner announced that it is to become the new 100 Peso circulating note, replacing the current note carrying the portrait of the 19th century president Julio Argentino Roca.

The circulating version will feature the numeral 100 in SPARK® with a green to blue colour shift and rolling-bar effect, see-through register, watermark and 5mm wide Picture Thread™ with Eva Peron’s image. It will be issued in a few weeks time to provide a lasting, and everyday, tribute to the iconic former first lady.

Argentina new signature 100-peso note confirmed

100 pesos, no date. Like P357, but new signatures (Marcó-Boudou) and vertical red serial number at left,
horiztonal black serial number with novel numbering at upper right.

Courtesy of Alberto Fochi.

Argentina new 100-peso note with Evita's portrait confirmed


According to an article on Latino Fox News dated 23 July 2012, the Banco Central de la República Argentina is preparing to issue 20 million commemorative 100-peso (US$22) note bearing the face of Eva "Evita" Perón to mark the 60th anniversary of her death. The new notes are based on the design of a 5-peso note from 1952 that never went into circulation.

UPDATE: According to this Spanish-language article, one million notes were issued 21 September 2012, the 60th anniversary of Evita's death, though there seems to be some technical printing problem to resolve.

Courtesy of Yves Courtemanche, Claudio Marana, and Arg_Collectibles.

Argentina new 100-peso note series T confirmed

100 pesos, no date. Like P357, but with both serial numbers printed horizontally in black, and without novel numbering (increasing in size). Series T. Signatures: Mercedes Marcó del Pont and Julio Cobos.

Courtesy of Ezequiel Pailos (NumismatiCenter).

Argentina contracts for new banknotes to be printed

According to a post on the Federación de Entidades Numismáticas y Medallísticas Argentinas, the Banco Central de la República Argentina has approved a contract to print 1.205 million banknotes denominated in 5, 50, and 100 pesos. The Casa de Moneda (the mint) can print only 800 million units, so the remainder will be printed by Compañía de Valores Sudamericana, formerly known as Ciccone.

Additionally, a notice on the bank's web site indicates that new 100-peso notes series T are now in circulation with the same security features as the series S notes introduced in December 2010.

Courtesy of Art Matz.

Argentina new signature 10-peso note confirmed

10 pesos (US$2.35), no date. Like P354, but new signature and suffix L.

Courtesy of

Argentina new signature 2-peso note confirmed

2 pesos (US$0.47), no date. Like P352, but new signature and K suffix.

Courtesy of Bill Stubkjaer.

Argentina new 100-peso variety confirmed

100 pesos, no date. Like P357, but with both serial numbers printed horizontally in black, and without novel numbering (increasing in size). Series S. Signatures: Mercedes Marcó del Pont and Julio Cobos. Read the press release (in Spanish). Intro: December 2010.

Courtesy of William N. Keijzers.

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